About me

Hello there and welcome to my own website where I plan on talking about things that interest me. That’s pretty much it as far as what Lobenhaus is going to be. I guess I could go in a little bit more detail about me personally, which is what this web page is supposed to be about.

My name is Christina Scherer and I’m an almost 40 year old millennial, originally from Germany, but I live and work in Ireland. Work here is a very loose term. I’ve been a freelance travel photographer for a number of years now, selling the photos that I take on various “stock” websites. But even that isn’t what my actual profession is, which is architecture and interior design.



What’s even weirder, I’ve also earned another title, a profession so to speak, to my name. People that I’m close to have started to call me a life coach. This wasn’t a title that I’m particularly fond of, because I don’t think that my friends and people that I know have started calling me that because they think I’m wise and knowledgeable, but rather because I’m preachy and I always have something to say about things. 🙁 .

Anyway, Lobenhaus is a pet project of mine where my goal is to setup a place for myself online where I’ll write about the things that I know, and what I think is important and with any luck I’ll find people who are willing to come and read what I wrote. With almost 7.5, maybe even 8 billion people on the planet up until this point, I think that I’ll be able to find someone more appreciative of what I have to say, at least someone who is more appreciative than my friends are.

On my homepage I already got into the specifics of what I’ll write about, my travels, photography, my experiences that I gathered up until now on my travels and so on. I won’t go into that here, but you get the point of what Lobenhaus is going to be. I would be the most happy girl in the world if you would stick around, and come visit often, to see what I wrote. You can also get in touch with me, and send me a message if you have something interesting to say, or a question. That’s it for now from me. All the best, and safe travels.

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