Welcome dear visitors to my own little corner of the web. My name is Christina Scherer and I’m a traveler, blogger, lover of interior design and architecture and oddly enough, a certified life coach. First and foremost I’m a traveler, and I’ve spent the better part of my life with a backpack on my back and a map in my hands. Yes, I’m so old that I managed to use actual maps. Originally I’m from Germany, but I currently reside in Ireland together with my boyfriend David and also Rex, my trusty German shepard. Lobenhaus is a my attempt at creating a place where I will write about my life, travels, write reviews about the places I visit, like the Blue Cave complex that I visited on my latest trip to Croatia. Essentially, this is my home on the web, where you’ll be able to find me when I’m traveling.

What is Lobenhaus and why should I care?

Lobenhaus is German, obviously, and roughly translated it means “praised house” or “house worthy of praise”. I named my website like this for a couple of reasons. First, because I’m German, from Germany and it seemed fitting that I name my website in German. Second of all, next to being a “life coach”, I’m also have a degree in architecture and interior design. Architecture is something that I have always loved which is why I frequently focus on it during my travels. I’m not trying to dismiss natural beauties that the places I visit have to offer, on the contrary. Like I said, the Blue Cave tour in Split that I took on my recent trip to Croatia is out of this world and I would highly recommend you to check it out. Still my writing here on the website will primarily focus on architecture and interior design aspects of the places that I visit (apartments, cottages, houses, you name it). Here’s a short break down of what you can expect to see here at Lobenhaus:


First there's going to be a lot of talk about travel. As I've already mentioned several times in the few paragraphs that I've written up until now I like to travel a lot. Expect articles where I talk about my latest travels, details on how I got there, and also my plans for future travels, places that I'd like to visit.

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Not just architecture, but also interior design. On every trip that I go there's always beauty and lots of history in various buildings, structures and in some cases even remains of what was once brilliant architecture. I'll try to write about it all, but I'm easily impressed and have limited time, so I'm not sure how it will all work out.

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My camera is something that I haven't even gotten around to talking about, but it's a very important companion of mine on my travels. Most of the people that I talk to and show my photo collection tell me that I take too many photos, but it's more that I travel too much, or at least I did in the past. Expect lots of photos.

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We all have them, even those who say that they don't. Our opinions are in a lot of ways what makes us, us. I'm a very opinionated person and I love to express my thoughts on stuff, so there'll be no shortage of my ramblings on everything from what kind of shoes are best for jogging, to who I think the best president of US would be.

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Quick photo gallery

As I’ve already said, camera is one of my main companions on most of my travels (other ones being either David, my partner, or Rex, my German shepard, or both). I’m happy either way, even if I go solo with just my camera and a tripod. Photos that I usually take can be seen in the gallery above. This is just a small cross-section so to speak, of the kind of photos that I usually take on my travels. I didn’t put them all up there, cause that would probably break the website, 🙂 . I didn’t get the chance to process photos from my recent trip to the Blue Cave complex in Split. My visit there was quite recent, so everything is still quite fresh and I can’t seem to shut up about it, hehe. Basically, a very small selection of photos that I have can be seen in the gallery above and I hope you’ll like them. I’ll post more of them in future updates to the website here. My plan for this summer is doing a 2 week island hopping in the Adriatic sea. For now, I’m 99% sure that I will visit Hvar and Brac island, there are few more that I would like to visit but I’m still not sure about it. Be sure that I will post new photos on my blog as soon as I got there!

Recent articles:

My writings

Bulk of what I will write about will be centered around my travels. That’s something that I feel I have the most experience to talk about or at least that’s what I think. Given that I’ve visited just over 30 countries, I can give a unique input about them, a different perspective. On my travels I make it a point to “go off the beaten path” and discover new interesting things to do in the places that I visit.I like to say that I’m the kind of traveler that has to open up new location profiles for the places that I visit, on websites like Tripadvisor, and then give reviews. Lots of people just stick to whatever is popular, but I don’t like that. I realize that you have to do that if you want to visit someplace like the Statue of Liberty, or some other similar destination. However, when I travel, my goal is to discover new places, really enjoy local customs and people.

Plus, when you don’t go where everyone else is going, do you know what you miss out on? Crowds, lots of people cramming to see things and just ruining the mood. If I have to visit a place that is a popular tourism hotspot, I make sure I do so off season. So that’s what I think my winning strategy as far as writing content is going to be. Me just being original, and offering people new places to travel to, explore, and enjoy in. Who wouldn’t want that? 🙂

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